Power Flexibility Yoga for Beginners with Rodney Yee

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yoga for beginnersr Flexibility Yoga for Beginners with Rodney Yee

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Denise Austin 2 Best-Selling Videos: Power Yoga Plus, Pilates For Every Body

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  • A blend of functional Yoga and Pilates.
  • Complete workout to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body.

Product Description
VHS video tape… More >>

Denise Austin 2 Best-Selling Videos: Power Yoga Plus, Pilates For Every Body

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Pilates Power System.

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Pilates Training System.
Pilates Power System.

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USMMA Announces New Power Vinyasa Yoga Program

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Power Vinyasa Yoga is an intense yoga session that detoxifies while sculpting and toning the body. This is a challenging form of yoga that combines strength with meditation. All Power Vinyasa Yoga classes are heated which enhances stretching and helps to eliminate toxins in the body through perspiration.


Power Vinyasa Yoga classes are open to all levels, whether novice or advanced. The fee for each class is $14 and $12 for students. USMMA Yoga also offers a package of 10 class cards for $120.


Anyone interested in Power Vinyasa Yoga may attend their first class for FREE. Power Vinyasa Yoga classes are 90 minutes long and held Sunday through Thursday and on Saturdays.


The benefits of yoga include improved balance, strength and flexibility as well as better muscle tone. It’s also one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety.


“Power Vinyasa Yoga is a truly powerful and rejuvenating workout that transforms the mind, body and spirit. Participants can burn up to 750 calories in a single session, whereas it would take 90 minutes on a stair climber just to burn 675 calories plus you get a full body stretch and reenergized mind. Who could ask for more,” noted Stephanie Luke, Program Director of USMMA Yoga. Luke has been in the fitness industry for over 11 years and holds multiple certifications in Yoga, Pilates and personal training.


All Power Vinyasa classes are led by experienced instructors including Luke, Casey Beksha, Deborah Spielman and Lesley Reilly.


To view the yoga class schedule or to register for a class online, visit the website at www.usmma.org or contact 508-966-5006.



USMMA focuses on elevating the physical and spiritual well being of students through Mixed Martial Arts and Yoga. Classes offered include Strength & Conditioning; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Thai Boxing; Cardio Thai Boxing; Wrestling; Cardio and Open Mat; Kids Mixed Martial Arts; Pilates; Power Yoga and Deep Flow Yoga.


USMMA’s state of the art, 4,000 square foot training facility is complete with a 2,000 square foot padded MMA training floor equipped with heavy bags and conditioning equipment, a 1,500 square foot yoga studio, locker rooms, showers and a juice bar. USMMA is located at 316 Hartford Avenue in Bellingham. For more information, call 508-966-5006 or visit their website at www.usmma.org.

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Power Yoga Strength for Beginners

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A beginner’s instructional video for practicing yoga to achieve greater strength and flexibility. This is a great program for guys who have been pushing up free weights for years and need to add some flexibility without sacrificing size and strength. More Yoga dvds: www.gaiam.com

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Baptiste Power Yoga Learning Methods

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Power yoga is taught by two American yoga instructors by the name of Baptiste-Baron Baptiste and Sherrie Baptiste Freeman, who are brother and sister and are highly successful in teaching power yoga and each has an individual style of teaching yoga. Both grew up in San Francisco with their household fully dedicated to yoga, healthy living and physical fitness.

But Baptiste power yoga actually refers to Baron Baptist’s method, which is also known by the name power vinyasa yoga. Baptiste power yoga is a strenuous and vigorous form of yoga that is taught in studio with the heat turned up, mainly to emphasize the personal power and empowerment of a person. In this way, Baptiste power yoga helps to transform a person on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Thus the practitioners are able to take full control of their lives and bring about healthy positive changes in their lives.

Vinyasa is the most important feature of Baptiste power yoga. In this type of vinyasa yoga, the poses tend to flow from one to another in a sequence. This is achieved by controlled breathing and this breathing is used in some specific manner to move from one pose to another. This is in contrast to other forms of yoga where the poses are held for some seconds or minutes before moving on to work on another pose. Thus the vinyasa sequence takes care of the particular physical or psychological goal like relaxation and energizing the body and mind.

Baptiste power yoga can be learnt and practiced from Baptiste certified teachers who have attended power vinyasa trainings. Baptiste power differs from ashtanga yoga in one major aspect. In Baptiste power yoga, the beginners are also accommodated with others and are not isolated, giving them an opportunity to develop their intuition and self power right from day one of the class.

The very essence of yoga is taught in Baptiste power yoga and it aids in the discovery of freedom, truth and individuality of a person. This drives the point that lead to a meaningful and fulfilling life, the tools and wisdom are within oneself and not anywhere else. Though this untraditional method faced some criticism and opposition initially, Baptiste power yoga has gained popularity since it purifies the body in and out as well as the mind and is a complete integration of mind, body and soul.

Also, Baptiste power yoga is suitable for people of all ages alike, young or old.  Those who practice Baptiste power yoga become empowered to overcome the hurdles that stand in the way of rediscovering the inner strengths, emotions, the relationships and the ability of a person. Thus, Baptiste power yoga is a level better than any other process that taps the hidden potential of a person, to lead an extraordinary life.

Visit http://www.yogapower.info for a complete understanding of Yoga and practicing its different forms and postures to perfection.

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Pilates Power Gym with 2 DVDs and Pilates Power Workout …

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For More Info or to Buy Now: www.hsn.com Sculpt your way to a better body with the Pilates Power Gym with 2 dvds and Pilates Power Workout Bar. This great home gym system combines the best of Pilates and traditional strength training in… Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View hsn.com to view the current selling price. HSN Item #392567

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Why Certain Yoga Poses Require Lots of Will Power

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The key of all yoga practices consists in the performance of yoga poses or asanas that open the door to plenty of metal and spiritual benefits. Many people feel overwhelmed by the multitude of yoga poses, particularly when getting a look at the many exercises explained online; yet, do not feel discouraged since yoga is actually a life long pursuit and challenges in the difficulty of poses are likely to appear on a regular basis. The thing is to stick to those asanas that are specific to your level of learning: start with simple yoga poses for beginners in order to gain confidence and get used to what this ancient practice is like.

Certain yoga poses require lots of will power and perseverance as well as daily practice, since they address not only the body but the mind too. Even if you took up yoga as a means of improving your health, you’ll soon realize that the connection it establishes between the immediate reality and the deep inner self cannot be neglected or ignored. From this perspective, yoga poses will teach you how to increase resistance and develop a level of mental awareness that was unknown to you before performing the exercises.

Every session consists of several types of yoga poses depending on the yoga style you practice; yet there are common body postures that are meant to give you the mental and physical state for the performance of the more complex exercises. These are the warm-up poses that prepare the eyes, the neck, the limbs and the torso for the challenges of the real asanas. To put it in other words, warm-up yoga poses are a good training for all the body muscles, they help one stay fit and in a great health condition. Sometimes, many people choose to practice them separately from a yoga session, as a mere way of training the body.

How can yoga poses help to the improvement of the health condition? If you know what it is like to feel all your back, neck and shoulders stiffen with tension or bad postures, then you’ll definitely feel the difference after a relaxing yoga session. The main benefits of the training are immediately noticeable in the condition of the spine, the position of the head and the overall health state. The safest way to pass from one level of difficulty to another is to have a teacher or a master to guide you along the way; failure to do so may seriously affect the correctness of the asanas and may expose you to injuries.

Muna wa Wanjiru Has Been Researching and Reporting on Yoga for Years. For More Information on Yoga Poses, Visit His Site at Yoga Poses

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Power Yoga for Beginners

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http://www.myyogaonline.com – This workshop style class serves as an introduction to the "power" style of yoga. Jesse outlines vital alignment and important modifications that will enable a new power yoga student to practice intelligently and safely.

Duration : 3 min 31 sec

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