Types Of Yoga Postures And Benefits Of Yoga

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Yoga is an very old philosophy of life as healthy as a scheme of exercises that encourage the union of mind, body, and strength. In the words of Patanjali, writer of the Yoga Sutras, “yoga is the aptitude to center the mind on a lone tip without interruption.”

Yoga is a physical discipline; it use the body and breathing to expand self-awareness and cerebral clarity.

There is merely no other discipline pretty like yoga because it utilize the body, mind and character, all in one carry out. Yoga is without a misgiving a pious path that is base on earliest sacred thinking, but one does not could do with to formulate an fair decision when committed yoga, rather pronouncement your own path is utterly traditional.

Types of Yoga:-



•  Stretch out together legs together, hands by the face of the body, palms inactive on the ground, fingers together point forward.
•  Now crease your one leg at the knees and put it next to the joint of the other thigh.
•  Fold the other leg and lay it near the shared of the other thigh.
•  Put equally hands on the knees in jnana mudra.


1.    Take supine place with legs jointly, hands jointly by the surface of the body. Palm inactive on the ground.
2.    Raise both the legs together gradually upto 30° angle.
3.    After few seconds, raise additional upto 45° angle.
4.    After few seconds, raise equal to 60 degree angle and maintain it there for few seconds.
5.    While returning, stop at 45° or 30° angle.
6.    Finally, bring together the legs on the earth.


•  Take prone lying point, legs collectively, toes together, point outward, hands by the plane of the body, fingers together palm facing upward and forehead resting on the
•  Fold hands at the elbows, set palms on the ground by each side of the bear, thumb should be under the armpit.
•  Bring chin onward and lay it on the ground. Gaze in frontage.
•  Raise chin and turn head back as much as possible. Raise the thorax rotary supine rearward upto the navel. Do not heave navel.
•  Maintain the bearing for sometime. Then gradually bring your body on the earth, initial form upper part of the navel area, thorax shoulder, chin and lastly put the forehead on the ground.


1.    Sit stretch out both legs, hands by the side of the body, palms on the ground, fingers together point forward.
2.    Hold the correct foot with the left hand and the right ankle with the right hand and rest the right leg on the left thigh.
3.    In the matching way, rest the left leg beneath the right thigh.
4.    Sit rigid, put hands on the own knees. Gaze should be nasal or ahead.
5.    While coming back, untie your hands and extend out your left leg first.
6.    Then extend out right leg and go back to the novel position.

benefits of yoga:-

•  Brings downward stress and enhances powers of relaxation
•  Boosts physical power, stamina and flexibility
•  Bestows better powers of concentration and self control
•  Inculcates impulse organize
•  Helps in treatment of old and novel injuries
•  Intensifies tolerance to pain and ornamental mental clarity
•  Boosts performance of the immune system
•  Enhances bearing and muscle tone
•  Improves blood movement

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Yoga Poses, Postures, And Asanas

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In the modern world when most of us lead a very sedentary life and gorge on junk foods with no time for some elementary exercises, diseases like heart problem, blood sugar, and so on are common. Yoga has proven its effectiveness in keeping these and various other health problems at bay. A mere twenty minutes of yoga can do the magic.

There are a number of yoga postures to suit the varied needs of different people. It is difficult to discuss them in a single article but an attempt has been made to discuss some of the more common and effective yoga poses. Yoga is not only a form of exercise for the body but involves the well-being of the mind as well as internal organs of an individual. If followed properly and with total devotion, it is an ideal cure for many physical as well as mental diseases.

One of the well-known benefits of yoga is meditation, which relaxes the mind, enhances concentration, and helps an individual to perform his task better. There are different types of yoga like Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga. All form of yoga insists that you follow it religiously. It is best to perform yoga early in the morning just after you wake up since the mind remains most peaceful during that time.

There are various yoga poses that may be categorized as beginners’ yoga poses, intermediate yoga poses, advanced yoga poses, etc. Some of the yoga poses are discussed in detail here. Pavana-mukta-asana is especially beneficial in releasing trapped digestive gas from the stomach and intestines. For this, you will need to lie down in a relaxed manner. After inhaling, bend your right knee and bring it to your chest with your hands while keeping the fingers interlocked all the time. Keep your left leg straight. Hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhaling, lift your head, and try to touch the knee with your forehead. Remain in that position for a few seconds and then return your head back to the floor and inhale. Then bring the right leg back to the floor. Repeat the same with the left leg.

Another yoga pose, which is beneficial for the lower back, abdomen, and chest, is vriksasana where you will need to stand with both feet touching from the heel to the toe. You should stand erect with your back straight and the arms should press loosely against the sides with palms facing inward. Hands should clasp together at the palms near the chest. Take your right foot to the inside of your left thigh (knee bent) and raise your hands above your head in a prayer position.

The thunderbolt or the diamond pose is another common type of yoga poses and is equally easy to perform. It is actually a seated posture that requires you to sit with your legs folded under you. Keep your back erect and place your hands on your knees. Your eyes should be fixed on a point in front of you. Breathe normally and remain in that position as long as you can.

Different yoga poses are there and you should choose only those that you feel comfortable performing. It is very important that different yoga poses be done correctly in order to benefit. In addition, there are some yoga poses, which you should avoid if you are suffering from back pain or from some other problems.

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Where to Get Help With Bikram Yoga Postures

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There is a lot to learn when you first start learning yoga, from breathing to body placement, even the names of the yoga positions you are attempting can be confusing, but once you really get into it, those names will be second nature to you. Despite the initial confusing stage, practicing yoga regularly will help you build a stronger, leaner body.

You Don’t Have to be an Expert

Yoga poses are great because anyone from kids to pregnant women to people in physical therapy can perform them. Performing some Bikram yoga postures can even improve recovery times. The Rabbit Pose is a popular yoga position among beginners. It helps alleviate back and neck pain as well as headaches.

The Birds Wing yoga pose is also good for beginners, but even intermediate and advanced students perform this yoga posture. As your skills improve, you’ll move on to poses like the Happy Baby, the Standing Yoga Mudra, and the Cobra pushup among many others.

One thing that you can be sure of and that is the various Bikram yoga postures will teach to you a number of things including being able to reduce and also handle stress, realize what life is all about and brings you close to your inner self and feelings and keeps the body in good balance as well. But, you need to keep things in perspective. You aren’t going to see the full range of benefits the instant you start performing yoga positions. You will see them develop over time.

Even though performing Bikram yoga postures is not a high impact exercise, it does work your body pretty hard. You have to be careful not to push yourself to hard and cause injury.

The yoga poses you’ll be doing to start will be a far cry from the intricate poses you may see on television, bu there are a few things you need to keep in mind as you perform yoga poses including your own capabilities, making sure you are comfortable in the poses you are holding, and not pushing yourself so far that you become injured.

Your best course of action may be to seek the help of a yoga instructor before trying to learn the Bikram yoga postures on your own. A good instructor will be able to evaluate your skill level and suggest yoga positions that are right for you.

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Basic Yoga Postures – Enjoy Great Benefits

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Did you know that the basic yoga postures are quite easy to learn and do? Many people who are new to Yoga do not know what the yoga poses really are. There is absolutely nothing to worry if you are new to the practice.

Yoga is a practice where unification of the body, mind and spirit takes place. This total sense of unification of the body mind and sprit can be achieved through the constant and repeated practice of yoga postures and techniques.

Many people who are new to yoga are always dumb struck when they see others doing the various postures and often wonder how to do them. A beginner to this kind of practice will want to know which yoga positions would be most suitable to them.

People who are yoga exponents or Yogis as they are referred to are of the firm opinion that yoga helps to unify the body and mind. This opinion has not undergone any change even after so many years. It is believed that when one does the yoga poses, the body gets healed automatically especially when one is in an environment which is serene.

Doctors are of the opinion that yoga has many therapeutic benefits and those people who are suffering from incurable illnesses have actually benefited from practicing yoga postures. If you are new to yoga and have been suffering from a long time illness then doing the basic yoga postures is really going to help you get better. To get yourself relieved from the disease you must have complete faith that doing yoga is going to rid you of it making you feel all the more healthy.

Yoga is not an exercise system that has been around for centuries and has been practiced and tried by many who have benefited from it. Research and investigation into the system of yoga has proved beyond doubt that it indeed heals the body.

People who are new to yoga and have just begun to practice the postures have found that their joints have become very flexible. The yoga positions meant for beginners are simple exercises which can bring about a healthy change in their present lifestyle. But the benefits become manifold the more they practice.

A new yoga student will find that the exercises are not only easy to perform but are also stimulating and interesting. Yoga helps to massage the internal organs and glands thus making them work efficiently. It also stimulates those parts which are hardly put into use.

Yoga positions for beginners can be learnt from home or at any yoga school nearby. The basic yoga poses for beginners include exercises like standing postures, sitting postures, forward and back ward bends, balancing and twisting. Once the student has mastered these easy yoga postures then they can move on to the more difficult poses which will certainly be not that difficult when they begin to practice them.

The beginners are not made to hold the yoga positions for longer periods as most will find it difficult to do so. Also they would need enough rest in between each posture so that they will have enough energy to get into the next position with ease.

Self discipline is very important for a beginner in yoga. Yoga does not mean just performing the poses it is much more than that. If you are a beginner make sure that you learn the basic poses well before you proceed to learn and master the more difficult positions.

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http://www.MyYogaOnline.com The emphasis in this hatha class is on asanas involving twisting postures and movements. Twists release tension in the spine and increase shoulder and hip mobility, thus help to create structural balance. Twists stretch and open back muscles, and in this way are great for relieving backaches. Twists rejuvenate and revitalize internal organs and glands, keeping these important systems of the body healthy and balanced. Yoga Postures include: Navasana , Sukhasana.

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Beginner Hatha Yoga Class

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Alix Rodrigues – http://www.MyYogaOnline.com

Learn some of the beginning hatha yoga postures that will begin to build your foundation towards a deeper practice. Proper alignment, corrections, and body awareness, plus modifications of each pose will be shown to address common difficulties in performing yoga poses. This yoga class is an excellent foundation to creating a strong practice for a beginner yogi, or to develop greater understanding of various poses for a more experienced practitioner. Yoga postures include: Child’s Pose , Easy Pose

Duration : 0:2:51

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My Yoga Online offers a large selection of On Demand Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, and Health and Wellness videos broadcast directly over the internet.

Visit our site at http://www.MyYogaOnline.com and receive a limited time only special of two months for the price of one month. That’s 2 months of unlimited access to all our videos in full screen DVD quality for only $9.95. For Youtube users only. This offer expires soon. Go to the Join Now page at www.myyogaonline.com, scroll down and enter the code “YOUTUBE177″. Practice Hatha, Power, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Pilates, and more with experienced and highly qualified instructors. Stay in shape, lose weight, tone your body, manage stress, and clear your mind. We also offer yoga music downloads and audio practices for your mp3 player.

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Pilates Class

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Svetlana Lysenko – http://www.MyYogaOnline.com
Voice by Odette Slater

This level two Pilates class flows though a series of more advanced Pilates exercises to create long, lean muscle tone, correct alignment, improve posture, and to cultivate the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. Build strength from the inside out with this Pilates video.

Duration : 0:7:22

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