Aquaexercise for All

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Experts in fitness aren’t surprised about the health benefits of water exercise and many individuals have found it just the ticket to get in shape. Classes offered vary from traditional water aerobics to bench stepping, yoga, tai chi, deep water running and kickboxing. Your body is buoyant in water, so you don’t hit the bottom of the pool as hard as you do with land exercises. Therefore, impact on joints and muscles is reduced. If you have injuries, keep your joints slightly bent instead of straight. This helps to distribute the water pressure throughout the limb, rather than directly on the joint.

Just being in the water causes you to exercise. The continual water pressure that pushes against you while you move makes you push out harder to continue movement. Water exercise is natural resistance training as there is continual resistance to each move you make, creating stronger muscles. Water activities like aqua aerobics, bench stepping, deep water running and kick boxing all are great cardiovascular conditioning workouts. They also naturally increase muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Finally, they are good calorie burners if done at a high enough intensity.

Yoga, Pilate’s and Tai Chi have hit the water too. Aqua Yoga is a harmonious workout, combining the gentle qualities of yoga poses with the relaxing ebb and flow of the water. The water actually can help support the body, easing wear and tear on the joints and increasing balance so performing the poses is a bit easier than on land. Aqua Pilates othen combines the use of tubes to stengthen the core muscles with some cardio so you get the best of both worlds. Finally, Aqua Tai Chi can be described as a meditation of movement involving gentle and fluid exercises that use the water to overcome some of the clumsiness, stiffness and heaviness experienced on land. The fluidic environment helps to free the mind and emotions so the individual is more in tune with the inherent fluidity inside their bodies.

As you can see, water exercise is a booming workout form with new ideas coming out all the time. There are also many products you can buy such as buoyancy and back support belts, shoes to give you better traction on the pool bottom, hand paddles for upper body resistance exercise and weighted belts to increase your workload. So take the plunge and try poolside instead of the gym for your next workout.

Dr.lanny Schaffer

Yoga Insights: Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations), Part 2

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For exceptional benefits to the thyroid and parathyroid, it is arguable that other asanas would be more effective, than those in a traditional Sun Salutation, especially if held longer. For example: The shoulder stand, (Sarvangasana), held for a longer duration, would be more beneficial for sending oxygenated blood to the thyroid and parathyroid.

However, the condition of a Yoga student’s neck should be a prime concern when performing the shoulder stand. Therefore, in this instance, the standing forward bend with a chin lock, performed in a Sun Salutation, is much less risky.

The Sun Salutations will help eliminate toxins from your body. By creating healthy circulation and speeding up the elimination systems, within your body, the Sun Salutations work like a tonic. All of this physical movement, that occurs while practicing the Sun Salutations, will thoroughly oxygenate your blood and open your breathing passages.

In turn, the body is more relaxed, flexible, and stress is reduced. Yoga students, who perform Sun Salutations on a regular basis, will sleep better at night and become much calmer.

Just remember to allow a few hours between the end of the Sun Salutations and the beginning of bedtime. This will allow your body and mind the time to wind down and relax. Also, this is just one more good reason to practice Sun Salutations during the morning hours.

Strength, muscle tone, and coordination are also benefits that Yoga students can expect to see and feel. During my experience while teaching Yoga classes, I have noticed that students, at any age, noticeably improved in strength, muscle tone, and overall coordination, when they regularly practice Sun Salutations.

Some of them even loss weight, but diet is also a large factor in this. Yet, some that did not lose weight did lower body fat. We know this because privately- trained Yoga students do have their body fat checked when they start. This is not a requirement, but it is an option. Some Yoga students must see and feel the physical benefits first, in order to “stick with the program.”

Mental health benefits of Surya Namaskar are many, but when anxiety and stress are lowered; the quality of life goes up. With this in mind, the odds of becoming depressed are drastically reduced. Some Yoga students practice Sun Salutations just to keep depression “at bay.”

With all of the above-mentioned benefits, Sun Salutations should be considered a very valuable part of Hatha Yoga practice. They can even be modified for Chair Yoga practice. Therefore, always consider Surya Namaskar to be an essential part of your class – especially, if you teach a form of Hatha Yoga. Always remember that Surya Namaskar is much more than a warm-up.

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Where in Singapore can I buy the aerobics and Yoga/meditation workout for beginners. Thx. Genuine answers plse?

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I started with this video and I love it
Please watch it and share it with your friends and family. This video is a gift.

What age groups would you suggest yoga for?

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I’m a beginner, going to try my first class tonight. . .but I’m 15, is that young for yoga?

yoga is a great relaxer, stretcher, and even muscle toning exercise for the whole body. There is no specific age for this great low-intensity workout.

Yogafit: PilatesFit featuring Rose Zahn

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PILATESFIT is a user-friendly, pilates-based mat workout that promotes strength, flexibility, balance, and body awareness. Learn the skills to execute a variety of safe and effective movements and a flowing class in this two day PilatesFit teacher training. This program covers class design and exercise sequencing, attention to safety, alignment and cueing, and exercise modifications for various levels. Level 1 PilatesFit training includes program principles, flowing class formats, beginning to advanced exercises, teaching skills and anatomy review.

Duration : 1 min 39 sec

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Forex Trading for Beginners

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Forex Trading for Beginners. Visit FAP TURBO is a forex robot that runs on your computer. They have a great range of video tutorials that explain how to setup the system. The videos are good for a beginner or intermediate and you don't need to be a tech genius to figure things out. You will need a MetaTrader 4 broker and they recommend
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The system has a scalper system and a long term trading system both are explained in the videos.
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(Investing In Real Estate) The Benefits

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Investing In Real Estate (Investing In Real Estate) "Investing In Real Estate" InvestingInRealEstate Investing-In-Real-Estate Investing_In_Real_Estate Investing,In,Real,Estate

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Duration : 1 min 30 sec

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Navasana Yoga Posture (Boat Pose)

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Jesse Enright discusses form and function of Yoga Posture Navasana (Boat Pose). An exercpt from the Power Yoga therapy video brought to you by My Yoga Online.

Duration : 2 min 37 sec

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Class 4 – All Levels Vinyasa

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A full hour of flow. Let go flow with Les.

Yoga with Les Leventhal is a Vinyasa/Flow practice. This podcast gives you an amazing opportunity to connect or reconnect and reclaim your body and spirit through yoga. Classes are accessible for all levels. You can purchase each podcast as it comes out each week or subscribe monthly.

Duration : 4 min 17 sec

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Curso de Pilates y Yoga c/ Manuales 16 Videos en 2 DVDs (2)


Duration : 0:8:34

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