What kind of exercise do you recommend I try, pilates or yoga?

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I want to buy an exercise video, because I want to tone up and lose some weight. I go to the gym, but I just started, and I would like to be able to fit something in on the days I cannot make it to the gym. I have a chubby stomach, and big thighs. Do you recommend I try a pilates video, or a yoga video? Or maybe you have other suggestions?

These are similiar programs.



If you do YOGA regularly, does that have the same health benefits as aerobics and weight lifting?

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My yoga teacher said that yoga oxygenates the blood and builds strength in a healthier way and does the same good as the other types of exercise which he says can be harmful in the long run. Since I hate aerobics and feel so much better with yoga, it seems right to me but not to my traditional "work-out" relatives.What are the facts here?

Yes and no. It’s definately body sculpting but unless you are doing power yoga, your heart rate will not increase enough to make it aerobic.

Yoga, a problem of courtesy, especially in need of female answers?

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So, before any assume this is a joke, let me assure you it’s not. It’s a question stemming from real life experience, and one I’d like to ‘anonymously’ gather opinions on.

I’ve been doing a beginner’s yoga class for about three weeks now, and I’d noticed early on that there were potential pitfalls for any guy in that type of environment. However, yoga was highly recommended as a way to strengthen my back and start burning some fat. (I was injured in Iraq, and a nasty side effect of the ‘treatment’ was gaining roughly 80lbs and about ten percent body fat.)

Well, a few weeks went fine, and then it happened, the unintentional, chemical erection. Luckily we were doing some seated maneuvers and I was able to regain composure without causing a ruckus, but it’s put a fear in my mind.

How would it be perceived for a man to be spotted with an erection in the middle of a Yoga class? Would the group be mostly mature about it, realizing that it’s a hard thing to stop when some of those positions are being assumed by the finer sex? Or would it be perceived as an act of perversion?

I’ve worked out in the gym most of my life and have seldom run into this situation, and when I did it was as easy as changing my workout schedule. Alas, this particular class is only offered the once.

What’s the verdict? Should I seek another, more male centered yoga class (That’s an odd statement to make, considering in one light the one I’m in now is extremely male centered.)? Or should I continue to go, using self control as much as possible, and hoping nature doesn’t over rule me in a more awkward pose?

Let me again state, this is a serious question, I’d appreciate sincere, adult answers. And please do give me the benefit of the doubt, I am not going to yoga for any other reason than to get a good, joint friendly workout.

I’m going to be absolutely honest, and I hope it doesn’t make you upset or offend you. Like the first answerer, I’d also personally divert my attention – but it would probably make me uncomfortable, regardless. I wouldn’t think it perverted at all, I’d just get self-conscious and wonder what ‘set you off’.
In my experience, most women wouldn’t even hint that they’ve noticed, during the session. But also in my experience, women talk – a lot. After the class you might be the center of many gossip sessions. It is times like these that make me a bit embarassed to be a woman. I personally hate gossip and all that goes along with it, but it’s virtually inevitable when women come together.
If you don’t mind this kind of talk, I would encourage you to stay with the class. Like you say, it is in your best interest to participate in yoga, and these people you are taking the class with are unlikely to be part of your everyday life, beyond the class. You seem more concerned with your classmates’ comfort; I’m more concerned for yours. I honestly can’t imagine anyone actually being upset-it’s nature! I can only imagine the chatter.
That being said, interest (gossip) will wane relatively quickly. After they notice, they’ll chat, get it out of their system, and my bet would be it’s old news after a couple more classes.
I think you should continue to go and benefit from this. I don’t think anyone will be offended. A little initial uncomfortable awkwardness might be in store, but it’s basic nature and everyone knows it. You might get sympathy, pity, humor, diverted attention, but I really doubt you’ll get anyone thinking you’re a pervert.
As a woman, I appreciate reading this sort of post. It shows your respect for women, and I’m sure it shows in your actions. Thank you!

I wish you the best of luck with your classes, and I hope you can enjoy them.

By the way – women gossip constantly. Even if they do end up noticing and talking about it, their attention is short and you aren’t going to be giant headline news. Something else will come up, and they’ll move on.

is there a good yoga class for beginners in Spokane WA?

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i want a yoga class that’s daily but not to hard.

I am not in the area specified, but one place you may be able to check is with the local hospital’s community education department to see if they have information about beginning yoga classes.

What specific things will pilates and yoga do for my body?

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I’m sorry I’ve asked similar things to this a couple times. I didn’t get very many answers. I was mainly wondering if pilates and yoga can help me loose weight. Thanks!

Pilates are really good to tone your abs. If you have little fat on your stomach, then those are really good for you so your abs show. But if you want to lose fat, do aerobic exersising like jogging, along with pilates about 2 times a week. Good luck=]

I’m thinking of taking up yoga. What part of yoga is responsible for the stress reduction benefits that are?

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derived from it? I know there is more to yoga than the physical exercise. There is meditation, general lifestyle, and maybe some other stuff. So is it the physical exercise that’s doing it or the other things or a combination of all of them?

Its all of it. Having a relaxing meditation, clearing your mind of all thoughts, and just living in the moment. It also helps flexibility and stretches muscles so thats a plus. and it gets your in touch with your spiritual side which will make you feel more relaxed and less-stressed throughout the day.

What is a good yoga dvd for beginners?

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Yogamatters :: yogashop, yoga books, yoga dvds, yoga clothing …

Can anyone recommend dvds for beginner’s yoga?

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I have taken beginning yoga classes before and really enjoyed them. I no longer have the free time to attend classes so Im interested in some dvds that might help with poses and such. Its been over a year since I was in a class and have trouble remembering poses and that kinda stuff. Im really looking for something I can do in my free time with a dvd. I really wanted a wii fit but don’t have the money :( My back has started hurting again and yoga really helped lessen aches and pains, not to mention helped a lot with stress, and I have been feeling stressed 24/7 lately. Well, if anyone has some great dvd recommendations please let me know! Thanks!
I would like dvds I can purchase relatively cheap. I do not have any channels on tv available.

I recommend Shiva Rea’s "Yoga Shakti" dvd.

Look her up on youtube.com to view sample clips and see if you like her style.
You can obtain both new and slightly cheaper used copies thru Amazon.
Another source for used copies is http://www.half.ebay.com/ .

You may also enjoy the free 60 min classes available at http://www.yogatoday.com/ .


Will doing yoga and pilates daily tone up my body?

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I’ve just started doing yoga and pilates ,i want to do pilates 5 times a week and yoga 4-5 times a week, will this tone up my body, I’m thin i just need to tone up.

Absolutely. These are good for that. They help with balance and flexibility but also tone. You don’t do cardio and not really much strength building. Although you do use your own body and gravity to build up some strength. However, it is mostly a toning type of strength.

what are some benefits or yoga?

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does your body become longer leaner etc.? or is it more of a mental thing? if your body does benefit about how long does it take to see results?

yoga typically makes the body longer and leaner because of all of the stretching. it makes you more flexible, makes you stronger, tones your muscles, and also really helps to relax you. yoga has alot to do with breathing and centering yourself – it is also a very mental exercise. alot of people choose to do yoga when they are stressed out because it helps them to center themselves and lose some of the stress. it has alot of good benefits!

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