What is a good pilates, yoga, or yogalates place in Austin, TX?

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I live in Austin, TX around the UT campus and I’m looking for a good pilates, yoga, or yogalates studio or gym around there. I was hoping someone with first hand experience might be able to tell me what’s the best place to go for what, and anything else that might be helpful. Thanks!

Wow, there must be a hundred places these days with the yoga/pilates thing going on. I’m a member of Lifetime Fitness and they have classes about every hour. Golds has them too. Since its hit and miss on anyone from UT Austin seeing your quetion on here, you might of course ask some of your fellow students where they go. I have seen some places on Guadalupe north of the Co-op that look like small studios

What are the benefits of yoga posture "Kapal Bhati" ?

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Does it help in reducing hypertension (high blood pressure) ? How many cycles it should be done in a day ?

Kapal Bhati is an exercise.It is not a posture. It does help in Diabetes. For hypertension one is advised to practice ‘Anolom Vilom.[courtesy Baba Ramdev]

Can anyone recommend a good yoga dvd for beginners for me to do at home? I have a bad back and the dr.?

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I have a bad back and the dr. thinks that could help me and my core. i have a lot of thoracic pain.

It sounds like starting out with "Restorative" yoga would benefit you greatly. It is a style of yoga that is good for everybody, especially if you experience pain or have limited movement as it focuses on opening more than stretching. The postures are held for several minutes and blankets, blocks, bolsters and eye pillows are helpful items to have for your practice.
There is a book by Judith Lassater called "Relax and Renew" which explains it in detail.

The poses "simple supported backbend," "supported bound-angle," "mountain brook," "supported seated-angle," "supported bridge" and "legs up the wall" are poses that will help your back.

This first video is not considered restorative but can be helpful:
"Stress Relief yoga for beginners with Suzanne Deason"

Here is another:
Crunch-"Candlelight Yoga" with Sara Ivanhoe

You can also do a web search under restorative yoga and find a few videos.

*I would also recommend getting a yoga ball and practicing supported backbends(gently) on it for thoracic pain. I use it everyday and it’s helped me a lot as has an inversion table. Best of luck to you!

Yoga for Beginners?

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Anyone know of a site that has simple directions to basic yoga poses that I can print and read as I do the poses? Or, can you reccomend a DVD that has morning and night (like 15 min) exercises? I take classes, but want something short and sweet to do when I wake up and before I go to bed. Thanks!

For step-by-step instructions of yoga poses with photos, go to


and click on "poses"

As for a DVD for morning or night, the perfect one would be Gaiam’s AM/PM yoga for beginners. It’s a great DVD. Click on the link below for more information:


Best home dvd on beginners yoga?

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I’m especially looking for an instructive course that explains the breathing techniques as well as the poses.

Hi, these are all very good:

What’s the difference between yoga and pilates?

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The gym I am going to start going to has fitness classes in both pilates and yoga. What’s the general difference between the two and which one is more effective?

Yoga includes meditation and pilates doesnt
Pilates uses special devices like the big ball. Pilates usually uses the strengh of your stomach.
I have seen people who practice yoga and their body is just ok. The pilates people have better body

Oh forgot to say, there are this varying of pilates
It mixes the best of both worlds but without the meditation thing.

What are the benefits of doing yoga or meditating?

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I wanted to try to make my life less stressful and I heard yoga, exercise, and meditating help. I am Chrisitian, would any of this counteract? Should I do yoga or meditating at my age{13}? Does anybody else get relief doing this?
Can I lose weight?

There are many forms of yoga, but when people refer to it today, they genearally mean hatha yoga, the yoga of the body.
Yes, this form of exercise will definitely help relief stress.
It will also keep your body supple, improve health, and yes, if you are overweight will also help to lose weight.

Meditating regularly will eventually remove stress completely.
Again, there are many forms of mediation.
Here is a good one for a beginner.

Sit in a comfortable position, with a straight spine, and the eyes either closed, or out of focus.

This is a good one to teach our mind to concentrate, called the twenty-four second meditation. It involves picturing numbers made up of dots as shown on large digital displays. We commence by picturing the digits 24. When we can clearly visualise each dot which makes each of the two digits two and four, then we move to 23, and 22. The concentration on the dots helps to eliminate other thoughts from the mind, and with a little practice over a few days, we are able to move from 24 down through all the digits to 0. If another thought enters our mind during this process, then we must start again. This is why it takes a few days before we are able to succeed Once we can succeed then we are achieving an alpha state of mind, which is relaxed, and free of the linear thought process. This is the state of mind required for deep meditation, which we discuss later.


whats the best type of yoga for beginners who are very out of shape?

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i am out of shape a little overweight and would like to start yoga but im a little overwhelmed by all the different kinds any suggestions

the best thing about yoga ANYONE can do it. I am sure you are referring to the flexibility issue of yoga. Go at your own pace and stretch until it is too uncomfortable. You shouldn’t be in pain but the uncomfortable part is what creates more flexibility. There are several programs on Fit channel that you can start with if you feel uncomfortable with a class. Yoga is great is so many ways but most of all for stress. Namaste!

How many yoga sessions will I need before I can try advanced poses?

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I’d say right now I’m somewhere between beginner and intermediate… My long-term goal is to do the Firefly and Scorpion poses. Not just because they look fun, but because the Scorpion is supposed to give you the deepest stretch through the neck and spine. How long will I need to practice yoga before moving toward these advanced poses?

I’m not an expert, but I believe it really matters how often you practice, how long your practice is, now intensive it is, and what poses you are practicing. If you really want to know, ask an instructor for advice on how to work toward those poses, and then you can also ask them how long they think it might take you to achieve the full pose.
I believe every pose is different for everyone. What might take me 6 months to learn to do, it may take someone else two years, as all bodies are aligned differently, have different needs, and abilities vary so widely. Someone may have an alignment issue they didn’t realize they had, and they have to work on that for a year or more to get proper alignment before they can move into a certain pose.
I think what you ought to do is work gently toward the pose, and don’t focus on the goal. Focus on where you are now, not where you will be in the future. Yoga is about focusing on the Now moment, so try practicing that every day.
Don’t worry about when, instead, think more toward learning to be in the moment, and learning to listen to what your body needs to be stronger, more flexible, and healthy.

What are some good instructional videos about yoga/meditation for beginners?

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I do the YRG Workout which is a form of power yoga that I really like.

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