What are some good beginner yoga poses?

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If anyone has any great links I would really appreciate it. Its kind of hard to explain a pose. hehehehe. Thanks guys…and gals!

downward facing dog is almost required :)
childs pose, triangle pose, prayer with a twist, butterfly, mountain pose, warrior I, II, III….

Sorting Out Yoga Mats For Beginners Yoga

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We are all overweight these days. Probably something to do with the types of lives we live.
Even with the multitude of diets and exercise routines out there we, as a nation, are still fat and something needs to change.

I think that it has a lot do to with stress. Stress causes all kinds of health problems and I believe it makes some people gain weight or hold on to the weight that they already have and are trying to get rid of. If we are truly going to become a healthier country, I believe that we need to focus more on the importance of stress relief.

One of the best and most popular ways to relieve stress is yoga. beginners yoga has become wildly popular in this country and the world over. Many people get great results by doing simple yoga exercises regularly and these people also report that a great deal of stress relief comes with the exercise.

Before you get started with beginners yoga there is one very important thing you need to get your hands on – some yoga mats. Yoga mats can be found everywhere now, even at your local K-Mart. They can be very inexpensive so there is no reason not to have an extra one. I keep one in my house for home exercise and one in my car for when I go to the gym. Having two yoga mats just makes it easier on me because I won’t be able to forget to bring one with me or take it back inside the house.

Having your own yoga mats is crucial when it comes to doing yoga. If you do to a yoga class without one you will quickly find that you are the only without one. As I said, you can find very affordable ones all over the place now so you will never have to be without one.

I suppose that I ought to say that you really do need to use yoga mats while doing the exercises. There is a reason that people use them and you should follow their lead. Yoga mats cling to the floor and make it easier for you to hold those crazy positions without shifting or sliding around. I have, on more than one occasion, had to learn this lesson the hard way and I do not recommend it. Don’t forget that there is an enormous amount of information online about yoga and how to begin yoga safely. Beginners yoga is the start of a rewarding experience.

Ann Marier

What will yoga and pilates do in my situation?

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I am getting a lil pudgy now, I have cellulite and my stomach has that lil ponch going on and I wanted to be toned for this summer. I am not overweight or anything its just i I have eccess fat from the birth control i was put on and i want it tightened and toned. If I did yoga/pilates will this do the trick? I dont want to loose tonnes of weight because my upper half is skinny and i dont want to loose my cup size.

Also how many times a week and for how long should I Do yoga?

i think pilates is great for toning, do it several times a week for half an hour. you won’t lose weight, which is what you wanted anyway. good luck!


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Due to many requests, here ‘s a sequence for everybody to start your YOGA

Duration : 0:9:47

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Any recommendations for Beginners Pregnant Yoga DVDs?

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I havent been very active in my first 5 months but would like to start. It is too cold to much walking outside so I thought Yoga in the house would be a good way to get started. Any suggestion on beginners DVDs?

I don’t know about yoga, but I have a Denise Austin’s maternity one, it’s great!

what are the mental and physical benefits of Yoga?

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so,i’m thinking of taking up yoga this year as a New Years resolution,and and i was wondering,what are the mental and physical benefits.I was wondering if there are any Yogi’s here,if it really does help with stress?

What other benefits are there?
Also,i understand there are different forms of Yoga,so each will have it’s own benefit,but i mean the overall benefits of yoga.

Yoga benefits body, mind, and spirit.

Check out this site for yoga benefits.

Anyone recommend good books and/or video for yoga beginners?

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I’d like to get personal training but because of time/money/location factors I haven’t been able to find a good situation. In lieu of that, can anyone recommend a good combination perhaps of books and/or videos that can get me started until I can find a good situation for personal training?

Ana Brett and Ravi Singh have some great videos, check amazon.com and choose the one that sounds best to you.

Also Rodney Yee is very well known for having excellent yoga videos, make sure you do get the beginner videos.

You can also do free 1 hr classes online at http://www.yogatoday.com
the instructors are very professional and very focused, and they offer a wide variety of yoga styles. You can choose from 7 classes each week, and do them as often as you like. It is what I use now, I don’t even use my yoga videos at home any more. :)

Good luck!

All About Yoga and Pilates

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Yoga and Pilates are two of the most widely known and used methods of gaining physical strength, mental balance and other positive effects at the same time, by practicing some exercises in a correct manner, of course. Both of these techniques involve the control of mind over the body and also breathing control.

Yoga is a practice that originates in India. The practice implies a series of spiritual but also physical exercises supposed to attain the practitioner’s control over his mind and body. The procedure begins with the correct positioning of the body, that is, in a manner which must not obstruct in any way the person’s capacity of concentration. By controlling his breathing, the yogi begins his contemplation, which can offer him access to superconscious awareness and union with the Supreme Being. The purpose is that of achieving mental, spiritual and physical improvement.

The Pilates method was named after its inventor, Joseph Pilates, and it represents a special and original technique of fitness exercises which implies the control of the mind over the muscles. Breathing correctly is also very important because it contributes to the efficiency of the exercises.

Both of these methods have experienced a great success. People are interested in practicing them due to their proven efficiency not only in strengthening the mind and body, but even in what physical recovery and rehabilitation is concerned. Beside the positive physical effects they have (mobility, muscles flexibility), these methods also reduce the stress and bring along emotional balance. In a world that’s filled with constant worries and nervous tension, relaxation is sometimes avidly desired and Yoga or Pilates are miracle workers in this field.

For most people Yoga or Pilates are hobbies, but some take these techniques to a higher level. For them and for those who want to become instructors there are special training centers that offer the proper education. To have the right to teach others, a Yoga or Pilates instructor needs certification which can be obtained even by attending online courses. This may be more simple and pleasant for some.

Beginners should know that for their own comfort during the exercises, they need some special Pilates mats (yoga mats). These mats can be of different colors, materials and sizes. One can buy rubber Pilates mats, natural rubber Pilates mats, blue, yellow, green or pink, antibacterial Pilates mats, slim or thick Pilates mats or printed Pilates mats. Whatever their aspect may be, the purpose of these Pilates mats is to make you reach harmony and best fulfill your exercise needs and preferences.

People are offered a great variety of models to choose from (long, short, colored or back mats) depending on every person’s taste and on the type of technique they practice, beginning with towels and ending with ecological, antibacterial or microfiber Pilates mats. For hatha yoga, for instance, it would be appropriate to use a mat with a very stable surface. You may also need fitness balls used in Pilates and yoga for strengthening the muscles or antibacterial yoga mat sprays which will keep your mats clean. In what the young yogis are concerned, yoga mats for kids are the perfect choice!

The good news is that Pilates mats, mat rolls and even traveling bags are available online, saving you a lot of time and stress. So, if you want to be a more relaxed person, more in touch with yourself and the Universe, you have everything you need to get started at the tip of your fingers. You just have to visit some websites and check out their products.

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